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written February 11, 2014

If you wish, you may read these bitter notes below:


Finally I've made the move to a new webhost. Goodbye Bluehost. Hello Arvixe, hopefully you'll take better care of me.

The website rebuilding is still going on. I think that I will upload my old database backups here soon, so that some blogging can happen while I'm still working on the themes at home.

Thanks for reading.


written February 25, 2010



I'm not presuming that anyone is reading this . . . but if you are, welcome! There WILL be a new website coming soon. I swear this shall be done!

I have been working on a new website since the beginning of this year (2010). It will be a major redesign of the previous site utilizing Wordpress. I've built a couple of Wordpress sites recently (Cactus Island and Envisioning the World, if you're curious), and I'm eager to apply these newly-found skills to the test with my own website.

I hesitate to set any hard deadlines, given my tendency to push personal projects to the back burner. My guess is that something will be up sometime in March or April.

That's all for now, thanks for visiting.


written February 8, 2010


Hi there, sorry for the mess. If you've visited here before, you'll know that this website doesn't normally look like this. On August 20, I couldn't access this site anymore. I don't know exactly what happened. An email from my web host said that "the server is undergoing a file system rebuild this can take a few hours to complete. The admins are working to get the server and its sites back online."

A day later, I checked back and found only generic pages. No mobilerepublic website. No DHS97 reunion site. No wedding blog. No email.

I'm still waiting to see if anything will magically be restored, but it's not looking good now.

I do have a few pieces of the site backed up here at home. And it seems that the databases for my wordpress and joomla sites are still intact. It's likely that some photos have been lost (especially the DHS97 reunion photos, which I feel really bad about, but at least they're posted on other places online).

When I will get around to actually restoring the full website is another question. It will take some time to rebuild it, time that I don't have right now. I'm also deciding whether to move to a different web host because of this incident.

In the meantime, if you need to contact me, please email me at lamam2 at yahoo dot com.

Thanks for reading.
Amy Lam

written August 25, 2009