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feb 3, 2005 At long last, some of my not-so-recent writing has been uploaded to the library at the Oasis. I decided to consolidate my written pieces here, and subsequently have torn down the annex section of the Tower and the ksw part of the Oasis.

During this latest restructuring, I have been thinking about why I built this site the way I did. I won't go into it here, but this will probably be the future subject of my rarely-updated blog. More updates to come, I hope.

june 9, 2004 Just returned from Irvine's Relay for Life benefiting the American Cancer Society. Check out my pictures in the travels section of Routes.

Also floating around the internet are pics from my birthday party in May at the Albatross Pub in Berkeley. Jay of Mochamonkey fame took some wonderful shots, and Derek took some cool action shots ones as well. Live long and prosper, dudes.

may 21, 2004 Photos from Kearny Street Workshop's Caravan to Locke, CA are in the travels section of Routes.

mar 30, 2004 I posted some photos from the fabulous cruise to Ensenada that I took with my shipmates from USF, check the travels section of Routes. Also up are some photos from the show One World, Many Faiths which closed on March 24.

mar 11, 2004 There was a fantastic turnout at the opening reception for One World, Many Faiths. My loving tribute to the late Anita Mui went over okay with only a couple minor technical glitches. Thanks to Carla Caletti for putting the show together, and to Mike Wong for the amazing soundtrack accompanying the altar. At some point I'll put up a web version of the Madonna of Asia. The show runs until March 24 at Somarts, so check out the other fabulous altars.

jan 31 2004 Just when you thought it was safe to leave home, Cultural Fragments is back! This time it's in D-town, at the Dublin Heritage Center. Besides my stuff, there's also a fabulous collection of East Asian artifacts contributed by other Dublin families, as well as some wonderful artwork by Andrew Okumoto. It'll be up until February 14. If you come, email me and I'll give you the 10 minute tour of Dublin.

Despite my utter lack of self-confidence, I am going to participate in the Altars show, which opens March 4, 2004 at SomArts.

Also there have been some invisible changes to this site, check out the mobile republic blog, as well as the unnamed visual group blog, a group that I started with some KSW/ex-CCAC comrades (currently on hiatus, but hopefully we'll meet again soon).

And finally, I am happy to endorse Retired General Wesley Clark for President of the United States. As Michael Moore says, "Goodbye, Bush!"

mar 6 2003 Man, it's been ages since I've updated this site. Some news; it looks like Cultural Fragments will be shown after all at the Chinese Historical Society of America. Thanks to Hubert for his persistence and Gordon for the connections. Watch for it May-July at CHSA in SF Chinatown.

dec 30 2002 I might as well do some housekeeping before the New Year. I fixed some typos in the navigation bar of the Cultural Fragments project; thanks Sid for pointing that out. Currently, my New Year's resolution is to start working on the Altars project again, which has been on hold for a while (too much "research").

nov 19 2002 There's a new essay in the Annex about gummi bears. Debbie asked the writing group to write about food, so there it is.

oct 17 2002 I added a links page in the Routes section, because no personal website is complete without a series of links to other sites.
   On another subject, I will be participating in a show called "One World, many Faiths; A Collection of Altars by Women Artists", which is tentatively scheduled to be shown in Spring 2003 at Intersection in San Francisco. Watch for developments in the Tower.

oct 12 2002 APAture was a fabulous show (read about APAture in the Annex). I'm a little burnt-out from it, so for now I'm taking a break. I have integrated the revised essays for Cultural Fragments into their respective areas at the Cultural Fragments section. I'm still messing around with the structure of the site at MR; visit the site map if you're lost and confused.